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Just for giggles: who is the bestest and cooltestest Social Recruiting chap? Click and join the fun! Of course the above sentence was written for this blog post’s “meta description”. But since Google is currently changing the rules on a regular basis, lets ignore what I just said. After all, I don’t want to find […]

More and more companies and recruiters say that they’re using social media for recruiting. But is it “real” social media? And does it actually matter? Not long ago most HR departments couldn’t imagine using social media at all. This seems to change with LinkedIn (or Xing / Viadeo) becoming part of the tools recruiters use […]

You Don’t Need A Social Media Policy

by Etienne Besson on 22 March 2012

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This article will be short. I don’t think that you need a social media policy. And maybe you should first ask yourself why you think that you need one or revise your existing personnel policies. Of course we could talk for hours about the necessity of policies. But today I’d rather tell you why I […]

Recruiters love to use the word “talent”. It sounds nice. But I believe that we still hire for skills and experience most of the times. What Does Talent Really Mean? We’re using the word talent more and more often, but it’s usually just a replacement for words like candidate or employee. Talent Acquisition is usually […]

How do the Swiss recruit these days? And how is social media used for recruitment in Switzerland? I was at #TruLondon last week and Keith Robinson, Director of ECOM Digital and publisher of the Recruitment Buzz and other “Buzz” newsletters, asked me about the state of recruitment in Switzerland. This was just a couple of […]

So Far HR Did Just Fine Without Social Media

by Etienne Besson on 2 February 2012

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Everybody and their grandmother is talking about social media. So far HR did just fine without it. So why fix it if it ain’t broken? The Menu For Today’s Blog Post First I’ll try to find reasons why HR can safely ignore social media. Then I’ll present examples of other technological advances that seemed quite […]