KPMG Job Ads: Meet The Family

by Etienne Besson on 28 June 2012

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KPMG Switzerland just launched a new job ad: click on the “Your Team” tab and you will see your future team members, managers, and other colleagues.

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of providing as much information as possible to prospective employees.

In my recent guest post on Cornel Mueller’s (@jobagent) Job Und Karriere Blog, I said that in the future potential employees would want to know more about the real identity of a company including company culture and the people who work there.

I believe that this new format, developed by @eqipia with @KPMG_CH_Careers, is heading in exactly this direction.


But at the bottom there’s a red button saying “Your Team” which opens a new page with an org chart-like view of the people you will be working with.


And here’s where it gets interesting: the people you will be working with:


In this view you will see

  • managers
  • your colleagues
  • people from related teams
  • the recruiter

But what’s really cool, is that they already reserved some space for you (if you get the job, of course…):


At the bottom of the page there’s also a weird picture which somehow doesn’t really fit in:


Many Swiss think that you absolutely and totally must strictly separate professional from personal things, but it seems that this team can also have fun outside of the office…


[little sidenote to my pals Bill and Aki: yes, it looks like they’re having Fondue, the thing with lots of cheese which you “Banausen” didn’t manage to appreciate *LOL*]

But now back to serious recruitment work.

If you want to apply, then you will see this page:

Most job ads convey the message that you should be grateful if you are even allowed to send in your CV (with extensive cover letter, diplomas, work certificates, and maybe a picture). And sometimes it even says that if you don’t get any feedback within 3 weeks, then you simply didn’t make the cut.

Now compare your previous experiences with the screen shot above! Ms Lay appreciates your interest and says that she’s looking forward to your application.

But that’s not all! They actually anticipated several options for people who click “apply”:

 What really impresses me is that you can’t only apply, but there’s  also an option to ask questions. This leaves the door open for people who aren’t necessarily looking for a new job, but might find the job proposition interesting. They may not have a current CV ready, but who knows, maybe they’re the perfect candidate for this position and are willing to talk about it?

And I almost forgot to mention this: the org chart looks great, but you can also click on the people.

Take for instance Alexander Senn, the KPMG Head HR Marketing & Recruiting who agreed to work with Eqipia in order to develop this solution. Click on his “box” and you will see this:


This is basically the Xing / LinkedIn profile information. But if you click on the tab “interview”, then you will learn that he loves working for KPMG because

  • top performances get rewarded
  • and he enjoys the freedom to operate without constraints

If you’re quick enough, then the job ad will still be online when you click on the link. And the first one to tell me what Ms Lay expects from her future colleague will get a half-dozen chocolate Swiss army knifes 😉


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