More and more companies and recruiters say that they’re using social media for recruiting. But is it “real” social media? And does it actually matter? Not long ago most HR departments couldn’t imagine using social media at all. This seems to change with LinkedIn (or Xing / Viadeo) becoming part of the tools recruiters use […]

How can paid online ads be used for recruitment and what are the advantages? Last week I presented my quick and informal survey showing that some Swiss recruiters are using paid ads for recruiting. Today I’d like to describe the advantages of paid ads for recruitment, include a few examples and point to additional articles […]

Survey: Do Swiss Recruiters Use Paid Ads?

by Etienne Besson on 7 March 2012

in Recruitment

The other day I asked some of my LinkedIn contacts if they had ever used paid ads for recruitment. I admit that I expected most to say “no”. The method was very simple. I sent a message to as many contacts as possible (50 is the maximum for LinkedIn messages). The criteria was: they recruit […]

How do the Swiss recruit these days? And how is social media used for recruitment in Switzerland? I was at #TruLondon last week and Keith Robinson, Director of ECOM Digital and publisher of the Recruitment Buzz and other “Buzz” newsletters, asked me about the state of recruitment in Switzerland. This was just a couple of […]

You probably heard about the Apply With LinkedIn button, but have you seen it in action yet? I’ve created a dummy vacancy so can check it out.  If You Click The Button Below… You will see a pop-up window with a summary of your LinkedIn profile. Once you confirm, I will get an email from […]

LinkedIn is organizing a special webcast for Swiss Recruiters with Vincenzo Migliore. Here are a few questions I asked Vincenzo. The Webcast called “How Swiss Recruiters Gain a Competitive Edge with LinkedIn” will take place on Tuesday, 19 July 2011 with Vincenzo Migliore, the LinkedIn Account Executive for Hiring Solutions in charge of the Swiss […]