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Etienne Besson - HR Professional - Social Media Enthusiast

My name is Etienne Besson and I’m an HR Professional and Social Media Advocate based in Geneva, Switzerland.

I’ve been working in Corporate HR since 1998 for different companies in Switzerland.

I’ve also been a big fan of the Internet for a long time. So for me Social Media is simply a natural evolution.

But why Social Media “Advocate”? My dirty little secret is that until now I never used Social Media professionally (you can read my confession here). This is why I don’t call myself an expert, professional, or any of the other fancy words.

But I’m obviously very passionate about Social Media, talk about it whenever people let me, write on this blog and am a regular participant and occasional track leader at #TRU events (The Recruiting Unconference).

And I’m also organizing #TruGeneva on 4 May 2012, the very first #TRU event in Switzerland.

How to find out more about me?

  • read about my interests, thoughts and opinions on this blog (on the right you can subscribe to get new posts automatically)
  • find out about my online presence on my about.me page
  • get in touch online or via email

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