Don’t Miss It: CERN Recruitment and Sourcing Seminar #CRSS2011

by Etienne Besson on 17 November 2011

in Recruitment

CERN Recruitment and Sourcing Seminar 2011The CERN is organizing a Recruitment and Sourcing Best Practices Seminar (#CRSS2011) this Friday, 18 November 2011. Here’s what it’s about and how you can join the event online.

What’s A “CERN”?

The CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) is known for doing crazy scientific stuff. They bump particles into each other, talk about recreating the big bang, question whether it’s possible to be faster than light (which could open the door to discussions about time travel) and threaten to create black holes.

And since I’m living only 5 kilometers from the CERN, I’m of course mostly worried about black holes.

Innovation At CERN

But of course they’re also known for scientific innovation. HTML, which made the World Wide Web possible, was invented at CERN. They also created touchscreens before any commercial company ever thought about this as a possible product. And NASA’s control center (with so many screens that a geek could get a heart attack just thinking about it) was inspired by something that CERN was already using.

The CERN Spirit: Sharing Knowledge

And this is where the CERN Recruitment and Sourcing Seminar comes in. With this event, the CERN Recruitment Team is providing a platform where professionals from different fields can share information, knowledge and questions relating to the use of social media for recruitment.

How You Can Follow And Participate

And in the spirit of sharing and collaboration, you can use the following online channels in order to follow what’s going on and to participate:

  • Webcast: follow the presentations
  • Twitter hashtag #CRSS2011: this is where you can not only get real-time updates, but also add your own comments and questions


  • Here’s the program of the event. On the left side of the page there’s also a link to the webcast and the speaker bios.
  • You can follow and join the discussion on Twitter via the hashtag #CRSS2011.
  • Here’s a Twitter list of some of the participants (the ones who mention a Twitter account on their LinkedIn profile). The downside: Twitter lists are often unavailable on mobile phones.
  • And finally a little shameless self-promotion: Before the event I’ll be posting about some of the participants on the HR TweetUp Geneva Facebook page (#HRtug)

So What’s The Big Deal?

Nowadays there’s plenty of great events about Social Recruiting. But I believe that this one is special for the following reasons:

  • The CERN is a worldwide leader when it comes to scientific research. It’s awesome that they now also take an active role in defining and facilitating the future of recruitment.
  • In Switzerland Social Recruiting is still in its infancy. There’s a few companies that do great things online, but they’re still the exception. This event could really make a difference.
  • Although the number of on-site participants is limited (I’m told that the conference room will be really, really(!) packed), the CERN Recruitment Team made sure that everybody interested can follow via the webcast and participate on Twitter (#CRSS2011).

Now that you know all about the CERN Recruitment and Sourcing Seminar and how you can participate, please let me know what you think in the comments below or on Twitter. By now you must know the hashtag by heart 😉


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