Cool Swag from #TruLondon and #RMSconf

by Etienne Besson on 26 October 2012

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Here’s the cool stuff (swag) I received at #TruLondon 6 and #RMSconf 2.

This week I’m on vacation and it’s the perfect one for me: Monday and Tuesday at #TruLondon 6 (22 – 23 November 2012), on Thursday I was at #RMSconf 2 (Recrutement Mobile & Social) and today I’ll be at #TruParis 2.

By the way, and sorry if I’m bragging, but #TruParis will be my 13th #tru Event. And I’m co-organizing #TruZurich on 12 November 2012, which will be my 14th #tru Event 😉

HR and Social Media are my two main passions. So of course attending events about social recruiting is something I enjoy very much. Not only do I always learn a lot of new things, but I get to meet really, really (!) fantastic people.

I could tell you many stories and also plan on posting some of my notes from these events. But for now I’ll just present the cool swag I received.


First of all the Kelly t-shirt. I also had some friendly banter with Mervyn Dinnen (@MervynDinnen) regarding my Monster Hungary t-shirt. But that’s a story for another day. Lets just say that I lost in the end. But although I said it before, Merv is a great guy and he’s also the one who initially put me in contact with Sara Wyke (@TeenyTinyBean) via Twitter. And now Sara will be one of the track leaders at #TruZurich on 12 November 2012.

But back to the Kelly t-shirt. I’m a big fan of t-shirts and pens. And since I participated in one of the Kelly Google+ Hangouts on Tuesday morning, I guess it’s okay to wear their t-shirt. When I arrived at the hotel in Paris on Wednesday evening, the hotel staff asked if I was working for Kelly. Then they explained that some Adecco employees were staying at the hotel, so I might want to hide it under my jacket 😉

At yesterday’s #RMSconf in Paris I didn’t get any t-shirts, but a couple of pens and other cool swag:

Viadeo was one of the main sponsors and their pen works really well. But although you could print a QR code on the back of your conference badge linking to your Viadeo profile I didn’t create a Viadeo account. LinkedIn and Xing already keep me quite busy. Plus all the other social networks I’m using. You can check out my profile for an (almost) complete list.

Broadbean gave me a nice pen and some kidney-shaped sweets. Or maybe I should say “bean-shaped”? By the way, did you know that apparently this company was named “Broadbean” because the founder’s wife always used this word instead of “Broadband”? Not sure if it’s really true, but it’s certainly a cool story. And I also got some lip balm.

Indeed had some nice mints and also a good pen. However the nice lady wasn’t amused when I said that we had an aggregator in Switzerland that was even bigger than Indeed. I mean, JobAgent is currently listing more than 100’000 jobs. That’s a lot for Switzerland. And Swiss job seekers don’t care if another aggregator is bigger abroad 😉

And finally, I found a pen just before leaving. I hope nobody will come to me today at #TruParis asking for his pen back… It’s a really nice pen.


If you understand French, then I recommend that you follow the #TruParis Twitter stream. Yesterday the #RMSconf hashtag was on fire. I’m used to events with lots of active tweeters, but this was just madness. And in this case there was both lots of quantity and high quality.

And if you’re in Zurich on 12 November 2012, then you should really join us for #TruZurich. And yes, I already mentioned this a few times. But I’m extremely excited about this event. And who knows, there might even be some cool swag 😉


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