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by Etienne Besson on 28 March 2013

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On 22 February 2013 the fabulous people of the CERN Recruiting Team organized the 2nd CRSS (CERN Recruitment & Sourcing Seminar). Here are some links to articles, pictures and videos about the #CRSS2013.


The first CRSS took place in 2011 and I was fortunate enough to get one of the few available invitations.

One of the many things that impressed me was that James Purvis and his recruitment team really lived up to the CERN credo of sharing information openly: after the event every presentation was made available publicly.

This year wasn’t different and here are the videos of all presentations. Click on “Talk Details” for the slides (pdf or PowerPoint).

As far as I know there were only 2 blog posts about the event (this might be the 3rd one):

The bubble comments were also fun. The idea was to write down a statement about what we had learned. The pictures are available in an album on the CERN Jobs Facebook page.

I especially like the one from my friend Antoine Lhosmot (@AntoineLhosmot) mentioning “matching”, which I believe will be one of the big recruitment challenges of the future. And at the same time he managed to elegantly quote one of my favorite movies.



And of course I also like my own bubble, because it’s a topic I’ve been thinking about quite a lot recently. And yes, I have a beard now 😉

After the #CRSS2013 Michel (@MitchSGB) created a video summary of the event. And I must say, this video is… please pardon my French… well, it’s da shit! Great info, great people, and great quality.

During the event I was also very impressed by the online presence of the CERN team, especially on Twitter.

There’s of course the @CERN_Jobs Twitter account managed by the Jedi Master of CERN Recruitment. But James’ Padawan’s also tweeted during the day, sharing thoughts and interesting links. I’m rather confident that I managed to add all (most) of them to my “Swiss HR on Twitter” list.


A couple of days ago (roughly 1 month after the event) I googled #CRSS2013 on my phone and here’s what I found:

Jon and Sara posted on G+.

Not familiar with this supposedly extremely successful social network? You know, it’s the one that reports hundreds of millions of users, but the only people you know that are using it are the IT geeks in your family. Sounds familiar?

#CRSS2013 by Sara


Then I checked Instagram. And realized that only one person had posted 2 pictures under the #CRSS2013 hashtag. You know, a weird guy from Geneva…

crss2013 instagram 2 pics


Last minute announcement:

The CERN Recruitment Team is trying to annoy me. They mentioned the hashtag #CERNJobsEnigma on Twitter. But they refuse to tell me what it’s really about.

Apparently all we be revealed on Monday, 1 April 2013. Or at least they promised to release some hints.

CERN enigma


And here’s the super secret pic for #CERNjobsEnigma:



See you on Twitter?


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