Interview with Herve Peitrequin about HR, Marketing and #TruZurich

by Etienne Besson on 25 March 2014

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Interview with Hervé Peitrequin, Digital Marketing & Social Media Expert and Track Leader at #TruZurich on 27 March 2014.

Herve-Peitrequin_SocialMedia_DigitalMarketingI must admit, I don’t remember exactly when I first met Hervé in person. But I definitely remember how we were once sitting outside of the Grand Duke Pub in Geneva and talking about Social Media (of course!), online recruiting, mobile, ads, apps, and lots of other stuff during one of the HR TweetUps.

Hervé is also one of the few Swiss people I know who couldn’t care less about the Rösti Curtain. He seems equally comfortable in the Deutschschweiz and in the Suisse Romande, and will already be in the middle of a discussion in English, French or German while other people are still explaining that they “can’t” speak French or German because they had a terrible language teacher 😉

But I actually wanted to publish an interview with Hervé, not just some random thoughts about somebody I like a lot…

Interview with Hervé Peitrequin

Hervé, you’re a marketing professional. So what do you do, in words that an HR professional like myself can understand?

Hervé Peitrequin: I work at PubliGroupe which is a leading provider of marketing and media sales services in Switzerland and Europe. I am responsible for everything related to digital marketing, being websites, advertizing campaigns or social media.

In easy words: I take care of the image of the company on the web.
Easier to understand?

Yes, I think so. Otherwise I’ll ask you again at #TruZurich on 27 March 2014. And talking about our event, somebody suggested on Twitter that you lead a track at #TruZurich with Michel Ganouchi. You didn’t know each other, but accepted right away. Isn’t this a bit weird?


Hervé Peitrequin: Michel is famous, so I accepted right away!

No just kidding, I knew Michel from reputation as he was CEO of Monster Switzerland, so I thought this guy should have something to say about the subject.

You know, somehow I think that you and Michel are the perfect match for the Marketing/HR track. When I interviewed Michel for my blog in German, he also had a “just kidding” moment. But lets talk quickly about your #TruZurich track:
What is the title of your track and what do you expect from the discussion?

Hervé Peitrequin: The title of our track is “What HR can learn from Marketing. And vice versa”.

HR more than any other department are representing their company on the web. In order to attract and retain the best candidates, they have to master marketing techniques. But this is not their core competence.

Coming from marketing, I’m looking forward to exchanging some ideas around what marketing can bring to HR but also from what, as a marketer, I can learn from HR.

About Hervé Peitrequin


Hervé has been working in online marketing for over 10 years for international companies like L’Oreal, Adecco and now PubliGroupe. He’s always focusing on the customer experience but also on increasing and measuring the success of his activities (e.g. through online ads, analytics and SEO).

Some of the places, where you can find Hervé online:

Thank you Hervé for this interesting interview and I’m looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!

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