HR TweetUp Geneva (#HRtug)

by Etienne Besson on 27 June 2011

in HR TweetUp Geneva

I’m starting the HR TweetUp Geneva (#HRtug). Let me explain what it is and why I think it’s a great idea.

What Is A TweetUp?

A TweetUp is when people connect on Twitter and then decide to meet IRL (in real life). It can be anything from having a few drinks in a pub to a more official event featuring an expert speaker.

Connecting To People Who Share My Interests

I’m in contact with a lot of people who share my interests for HR and Social Media and I meet some of them regularly at Recruiting Unconferences. But most of them are based in the UK or the US.

And since I would also like to meet such people at home, I started looking for like-minded people in Switzerland. So far I haven’t found many fellow Social Media Enthusiasts, but I still managed to identify a few and added them to my Swiss HR on Twitter list.

Why A HR TweetUp In Geneva?

My main goal is to meet fellow HR colleagues who would like to talk about the possibilities and challenges of using social media. And I don’t mean HR as in Corporate HR, but rather everything that belongs to the Human Resources family: corporate, L&D, recruitment, communications and everything else.

What Will It Look Like?

For now we will just meet informally. But if there’s interest, I think that we should start adding a part with a short presentation that can serve as the basis for a discussion.

Actually, we could simply say that our TweetUps are an unconference with a single track 😉

What Happened So Far?

We had our 1st #HRtug a few weeks ago which was simply four people having lunch and talking about Twitter, LinkedIn, recruiting with social media and we also decided that we should meet again.

Join Us For The 2nd #HRtug

The next HR TweetUp Geneva will take place

  • on Wednesday, 29 June 2011 from 18:30
  • La Terrasse, Quai du Mont-Blanc 31 in Geneva (opposite Kempinski)

Should it rain, we will share the new location via Twitter (look for #HRtug).

And of course, you’re welcome to forward this invitation to everybody who might be interested. It’s just an informal gathering for now, but who knows what might happen?

I mean, we even have our own hashtag, so what could go wrong 😉

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