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by Etienne Besson on 26 June 2012

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Last Friday I saw an intriguing tweet by Yves Maeder (@YvesMaeder), CEO of Jobup AG (they own job boards like and

Loosely translated from German, his tweet said:

Happy about ads from our competitors on – thanks go to the Carmenstrasse


  • have offices at the Carmenstrasse in Zurich
  • URLs can’t be used as hashtags as only the part before the “.” is recognized as a hashtag 😉

At first I thought that had posted classic advertising, but Yves was friendly enough to publish a screenshot. Here’s my own screenshot. I did it quickly on my phone just in case the ad would disappear:

To be fair, has a mobile app and also a mobile friendly version of their website, but I wanted to capture the Jobwinner and the logos in the same picture. Obviously I was already having lots of fun!

What’s even cooler is that Michel Kaufmann (@michelkaufmann), Head Marketing & Product for played along and replied to Yves:

But of course, always a pleasure dear comrades-in-arms. If we can find good new employees through you? We’ll see 🙂

On Monday Michel Ganouchi (@ganouchi), Country Manager of Monster Switzerland, joined in with a tweet of his own:

We can keep up with this ;-). A little performance review can never hurt. #jobs.

And here’s a screenshot of the ad on Monster:

Of course, I couldn’t keep quiet:

The question is: don’t they find on their own job boards or do they just want to keep tabs on you?

And Yves, whose sense of humor I’m really starting to love, replied with a smile:

Both 🙂

So does really have trouble finding staff when posting to their own job boards? They’re the biggest job board in Switzerland, so this is probably not the issue.

I’m pretty sure that they just wanted to perform some real-life testing of their competitors and were cool enough to do it openly.

And I’m also glad that more and more Swiss HR professionals are starting to use Twitter. Otherwise this fun chat would not have been possible 😉

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