Lets Test The “Apply With LinkedIn” Button

by Etienne Besson on 25 August 2011

in LinkedIn Tips,Recruitment

You probably heard about the Apply With LinkedIn button, but have you seen it in action yet? I’ve created a dummy vacancy so can check it out.

 If You Click The Button Below…

You will see a pop-up window with a summary of your LinkedIn profile. Once you confirm, I will get an email from LinkedIn with a pdf file of your full profile while you receive a confirmation email.

And if you want to see what an employer receives, add a comment under „Add cover letter“ and I will then forward you the “employer email” I received.

Options For The Candidate

In the standard version, a candidate sees a link to his LinkedIn profile letting him update the profile before it’s sent. It’s also possible to change the email address and the phone number. While an email address is mandatory, the phone number can be removed.

 What An Employer Receives

Press the button, tell me that you want to know and you will see for yourself 😉

If You Want To Know More (Links)

LinkedIn about their Apply Button.

Thorsten zur Jacobsmuehlen published a very extensive article with full description, appreciation and how-to (incl. how to handle the API Key) on BlogAboutJob.de. It’s excellent and in German.

Jason Seiden wrote quite enthusiastically about the apply button. And in case you notice the slightly excessive use of the expression „profersonal“ decorated with a little TM sign: Jason filed this term on 6 July 2011 as a US federal trademark. I think this is really cool 😉

Jessica Lee wrote a slightly less enthusiastic post on Fistful Of Talent. Also very interesting.

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