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by Etienne Besson on 18 September 2011

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I thought this could be fun: going through all my tweets from last week and presenting the ones I like best.

The Tool I Used: Report Bird

I used Report Bird. It’s a web service that provides you with a Twitter transcript and it’s available at All you have to do is enter a search term and select the period (max. 6 days in the past).

You can enter a hashtag (e.g. for an event) or simply your Twitter handle

And here’s a little trick: if you enter your Twitter alias without the @, you will not only get the tweets that mention you but also the ones you posted yourself.

Other Cool Online Tools

On Monday I recommended YouSeeMii. Enter the name of a company and YouSeeMii will list where they are present on the web, their blogs, social networks, YouTube and documents (pdf, ppt, slideshare).

I found this thanks to Jean-Christophe Anna. By the way, YouSeeMii is one of the sponsors of the first “Conférence Recrutement Médias Sociaux” (24 November 2011 in Paris and in French) and Jean-Christophe is one of the organizers.

My Most Successful Blog Post

On Monday I also published “Is HR Afraid Of Social Media”. I posted it from my mobile phone with the WordPress for Android app while having a beer and it became my most successful article to date.

I’m usually grateful when I get 2-3 retweets, but this time I got more than 20! Most RTs came from recruiters and marketing / social media consultants. Unfortunately it seems that it didn’t reach my HR colleagues.

And here’s another trick: some RTs didn’t mention my Twitter handle. But I have a search on Hootsuite for “etiennebesson”. And since my blog is at I saw every tweet that linked to it (works also for shortened links).

Meeting Great People

On Monday I met @TeenyTinyBean and on Wednesday I had lunch with @sliah. Two wonderful ladies who live around here and share my passion for HR and social media!

@sliah Thanks for a lovely lunch. Meeting you is always awesome 😉

Fun Stuff

On Wednesday the CIPD was running a competition. You could win tickets to an event when completing this sentence in a tweet: “We embrace social by…” Neil Morrison managed to publicly make them sigh 😉

@CIPD: RT @neilmorrison I embrace social media by using it to tease @CIPD #cipdsocial11 does that count? > we suppose so #sigh

My Employer Branding Video

On Thursday I posted my Employer Branding Video on YouTube.

The day after #TruLondon I was walking around London and saw an empty soda can being tossed around by the wind. Just for fun I filmed it with my phone and started having crazy ideas for a video.

My goal was to keep it as simple as possible, use basic tools and not spend too much time on it. I think that’s what Keith Robinson means by “social realism”.

The Classic Conference

In the last 1.5 years I went to 6 unconferences. On Thursday I attended the “Congrès RH Suisse Romande”, the event of the Swiss-French chapters of HR Swiss (our equivalent to SHRM or CIPD). I hadn’t been to a “classic” conference in years, so it felt a bit weird. And they even made me wear a name tag 😉

Oh yes, and I may be tweeting in French today: Congrès RH Suisse Romande. Lets see if there’s a hashtag 😉

But Martin Couzins and Oscar Mager were supportive via Twitter and I had even some friendly banter with Luis Cupertino.

This Made My Day

During the afternoon workshop an HR Director for Procter & Gamble mentioned that they were number 6 on the Diversity Inc index but would love to take away the top position from Sodexo.

So of course I had to tell Arie Ball, VP Talent Acquisition for Sodexo US:

@Arie_Ball I just heard somebody from P&G say that they would love to take your #1 rank with Diversity Inc 😉

And since Arie is such a cool lady she played along and replied 😉

@HappyEmployee Love that spirit! It’s what makes us all better!

Great Content

I mentioned Jason Seiden’s trademarked expression “profersonal” before. Here’s a great presentation that explains it.

And here’s a brilliant idea by Jason Falls: The Facebook Snakes & Ladders game (you can actually play it!). I found this via the Wollmilchsau Blog which provides excellent content if you’re interested in social recruiting (and understand German).

Finally, there was one thing I wasn’t familiar with in the Snakes & Ladders game: Facebook EdgeRank. But while catching up on my RSS feeds I read this article by Geoff Webb which explains what it is.

And that’s it for my “Week on Twitter”. Lets see what next week will bring!


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