Here’s the cool stuff (swag) I received at #TruLondon 6 and #RMSconf 2. This week I’m on vacation and it’s the perfect one for me: Monday and Tuesday at #TruLondon 6 (22 – 23 November 2012), on Thursday I was at #RMSconf 2 (Recrutement Mobile & Social) and today I’ll be at #TruParis 2. By […]

How do the Swiss recruit these days? And how is social media used for recruitment in Switzerland? I was at #TruLondon last week and Keith Robinson, Director of ECOM Digital and publisher of the Recruitment Buzz and other “Buzz” newsletters, asked me about the state of recruitment in Switzerland. This was just a couple of […]

Or: How to convince your manager to send you to #TruLondon and pay for it! When you go to a Recruiting Unconference / #TRU Event, then the immediate ROI will probably be zero. But if you do it right, then the long-term benefits can be huge. But still, why should your company send you to […]

#TruLondon 3: A Quick Recap

by Etienne Besson on 5 March 2011

in Unconference

It’s already been two weeks since TruLondon 3 ended, so here are my thoughts on this excellent Unconference. The Location TruLondon 3 (TRU = The Recruiting Unconference) took place from Thursday 17 until Friday 18 February 2011 with a Masterclass Day on Wednesday. As always, Bill Boorman found rooms that were efficient without reminding us […]

#TruLondon 3: Why I’ll Be There

by Etienne Besson on 13 February 2011

in Recruitment,Unconference

Next week I’ll be at TruLondon 3, The Recruiting Unconference about recruiting and social media. So what is a Recruiting Unconference and why am I going?