The Early Bird And The Worm (#TruGeneva Tickets)

by Etienne Besson on 29 March 2012

in #TruGeneva,Unconference

The early bird catches the worm. And you can still get #TruGeneva tickets at the early bird rate until this Saturday!

Tickets for the Recruiting Unconference on 4th May 2012 are available on the #TruGeneva Eventbrite site. On this page you will also find answers to questions like:

  • Why #TruGeneva?
  • What is a Recruiting Unconference?
  • Who Should Attend?
  • How Does It Work?

…and much more.

But if you still want more information, you can also check the #TruGeneva Website at with

  • Presentation of the Track Leaders (so far only the confirmed ones, many more to come soon, and Antoine Lhosmot (@AntoineLhosmot) from Potentialpark also just confirmed)
  • Recommendations from Track Leaders of previous #Tru Events
  • Links to articles, pictures and videos

And of course the topics page where you can comment on the suggested #TruGeneva topics and recommend new ones.

After attending seven Recruiting Unconferences in England, Ireland and France, I can confirm that #Tru Events are not only a great way for learning lots of new things very quickly (I have the Moleskines filled with notes to prove it) but also places where you meet fantastic people. I think this picture says it all:



[ TruLondon 4, September 2011, with Bill Boorman (GB), Balazs Paroczay (HU), Etienne Besson (CH) and Johnny Campbell (IE) ]

Okay, but…

Where’s The Worm?

For you early birds out there I created 2 #TruGeneva tickets with an interesting discount. But like I said, there’s only 2 of these shiny little worms available, so hurry 😉

And to get a foretaste of #TruGeneva, you can follow the second day of #TruStockholm on Twitter.

See you at #TruGeneva!


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