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by Etienne Besson on 16 October 2012

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Here are the Social Recruiting events I will be attending in October and November 2012: #TruLondon, #TruParis, speaking at a jobs.ch event and of course #TruZurich.

Three out of four events I will be attending in the next couple of weeks are #TRU events (The Recruiting Unconferences). What a surprise 😉

I’m currently fighting my friend Johnny Campbell (@SocialTalent) for the #3 spot of people who attended the most #TRU events so far. I was at his Blue Belt in Internet Recruiting training in Geneva last Friday (disclosure: I also acted as the local organizer) and we agreed that the battle was definitely still on.

Johnny may have organized #TruDublin three times (I only did #TruGeneva once in May 2012), but he’s very busy with his trainings, which means that I may have a (temporary) advantage.

But regardless of our private competition, Johnny Campbell’s Blue Belt in Internet Recruitment training was fantastic. I expected to learn a lot about Internet sourcing, but it was even better. And most participants had only one complaint: I should have told them earlier about this training. Because they would have loved to bring along some colleagues!

But I actually wanted to write about the upcoming events I will be attending…

#TruLondon – already number 6

Yes, I will be attending #TruLondon on 22 and 23 October 2012. Again…

I missed the first one, so this will be my 5th #TruLondon. As always, Bill Boorman (@BillBoorman) is pulling out all the stops. You can read all about the wonderful craziness he’s got in store for us here: The #TruLondon 6 Schedule Post.

#TruParis – The French #Tru Edition

I had the chance to attend the first #TruParis earlier this year. It was great. And it was a bit different. Less Boorman craziness, less international, but very well organized and with many great local track leaders with hands-on experience.

But don’t worry, I still got my fix of Boorman craziness when Bill showed me his favorite bars in Paris right after the official event 😉

This time, my buddies Laurent Brouat (@LaurentBrouat) and Jean-Christophe Anna (JChristopheAnna) are combining their successful #RMSconf (classic conference about Social Recruiting) on Thursday with #TruParis on Friday, 26 October 2012. There’s still a few tickets left for both events, by the way.

Jobs.ch Customer Event in the Suisse Romande

This event will be really cool! I’m aware that I often use words like cool, awesome and fantastic. That’s because I’m fortunate enough to meet lots of cool/awesome/fantastic people and attend hplenty of cool/awesome/fantastic events.

But this one is even more cool/awesome/fantastic. Jobs.ch, the most successful job board in Switzerland, is organizing an event with German/French A-List Online Recruiting Blogger Eva Zils (@eva_zils) and she will present the results of her Social Media Recruiting Survey with data specific to Switzerland. You can download the study here, in French and German).

And afterwards I’ll talk about how some companies use social media for recruitment. What can I say? Getting the chance to talk about what I’m most passionate about? That’s priceless.

Okay, I admit, Jobs.ch promised me a t-shirt, amongst other things 😉

But sharing the stage with Eva, that’s something even a MasterCard can’t buy!

This is an event in French by invitation only for Jobs.ch customers. But let me know if you want to attend and I might get you an invitation.

#TruZurich – 12 November 2012

The first Recruiting Unconference in Switzerland was #TruGeneva in May 2012. The 2nd one will be #TruZurich on 12 November 2012.

Yes, I know, for a Swiss event this is very spontaneous and short-term.  But from the beginning #TRU events were very spontaneous and even a bit (actually quite a bit) crazy.

And this time I’m organizing this event with my friends from Joberate, who already did a great job organizing #TruMadrid, #TruHelsinki (I was there, it was awesome!) and #TruBaltics.

When I promoted #TruGeneva earlier this year I stole the tagline from the Terminator TV show: Will you join us?

So here’s my question regarding #TruZurich:

Will you join us?

PS: #TruMontreal is happening today. If you master/understand French, then please follow #TruMontreal on Twitter and say “hi” to my friend Sandrine (@LaSourceHumaine).

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