Vincenzo Migliore: LinkedIn Webcast For Swiss Recruiters

by Etienne Besson on 15 July 2011

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LinkedIn is organizing a special webcast for Swiss Recruiters with Vincenzo Migliore. Here are a few questions I asked Vincenzo.

The Webcast called “How Swiss Recruiters Gain a Competitive Edge with LinkedIn” will take place on Tuesday, 19 July 2011 with Vincenzo Migliore, the LinkedIn Account Executive for Hiring Solutions in charge of the Swiss market.

I met Vincenzo at my very first #Tru event (TruLondon in 2010). So when I heard that he was having this webcast I just had to ask him a few questions!

The Interview

Vincenzo Migliore

EB: I expect that part of the webcast will be about the LinkedIn services for recruiters and HR.
So first off, what is the motivation to attend for somebody who doesn’t plan on paying for LinkedIn services (yet)?

VM: Although the main purpose of the webinar is to demonstrate how organizations can utilize LinkedIn as a part of their own direct resourcing strategy, I will also be highlighting the key differences between more traditional methods of attracting candidates and how to use social media to truly engage with the passive jobseeker market.

EB: Will there also be some actionable tips for using LinkedIn without the paid services?

VM: Yes, but you’ll have to ‘tune’ in to find out!

EB: Fair enough 😉
But can you give us a quick teaser without revealing too much?

VM: In the main I will talk about how to maximize your profile (and that of your employees) as a way to showcase and promote your employer brand.

EB: As this webcast is aimed at Swiss companies, what is special for Switzerland?

VM: Our adoption rate in Switzerland is extremely high, so from a domestic level there are real advantages to using our network. However with over 100 million members worldwide it is our truly global reach that is interesting to the majority of our Swiss clients.

For example how else can you currently reach the best passive candidates in APAC whilst based in Switzerland, without knowledge of local media landscapes? Or perhaps, how else can you take a centralized approach to managing your employer brand that can be deployed with ease, and with global and uniform reach?

EB: And finally, what makes you the right person for this webcast (and therefore why nobody should miss it)?
Just give us 2-3 quick bullet points.


  • Genuinely passionate about people marketing and recruitment.
  • Several years experience of employer brand and reputation management.
  • I love social media and understand what it’s really like to be a passive candidate!

Don’t Miss This Event!

While there’s a lot of available information about LinkedIn from other sources, this is a great opportunity to get first hand information from somebody who actually works for LinkedIn.

So my recommendation is: Don’t miss this event!

The Webcast will take place on Tuesday, 19 July 2011 from 12:15 until 12:45pm CET.

You can register here.

Learn More About Vincenzo Migliore

LinkedIn profile:
Twitter: @VincenzoUK

Update: Animated Trailer (17 July 2011)

I’ve just added this animated trailer below (or watch it on YouTube).


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