Blog Away, It’s Not Rocket Science!

by Etienne Besson on 23 November 2010

in Blogging Tips

I’m a terrible blogger. Although writing is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding activities I know of, I also find it very difficult.

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And since you usually get the best advice from somebody who personally experienced a problem, I decided to write some blogging advice to myself and everybody  else who might find it useful.

I imagine that writing a book means a lot of preparation, research, fact checking, writing a first draft, a second one, a third one and so on.

Blogging is about publishing on a regular basis in order to keep your thoughts and hopefully also the discussion going.

Of course you’re supposed to know what you’re talking about when you write a blog post. But by the time your article is perfect, your readers will have moved on to other reading sources.

Blogging is personal

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You can always write a follow-up post clarifying a point or explaining that you learned a few new things and therefore changed your views on a certain topic.

That’s absolutely no problem. In the beginning blogs were nothing more than online diaries (called web logs back then). And while it’s nice if your readers can learn something from you, blogging is a great way to develop your own ideas and to learn how to express them. It’s all about the learning including making occasional mistakes.

So my advice is:

write, don't wait too long, publish and repeat!

I actually had a lot more things that I wanted to say, but then this post would have become two or three times as long and would have taken another week to write.

Here are the advantages of writing regular posts that aren’t too long:

  1. If the post isn’t too long, there’s a higher probability that somebody will read it
  2. If I publish regularly, this person might come back for more
  3. And I can still use the additional ideas for future articles. This way my lonely but faithful reader will actually have something to read about

If you’re reading this, then this post is dedicated to you.
And please come back 😉

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