HR TweetUp Geneva

At last Tuesday’s HR TweetUp Geneva (#HRtug) the main topic was Facebook, but of course we also discussed many other things including why HR is behind Marketing. Facebook: Personal Or Professional First of all, we agreed that in Switzerland Facebook is still used mostly with friends and family, but that it has a great potential […]

Today I’d like to share a few thoughts after the latest #HRtug (HR TweetUp Geneva) from Tuesday, 24 January 2012. First of all, I halfway expected to spend this #HRtug all alone. Many were busy, sick or I simply hadn’t heard from them in a while. I mentioned this on Twitter and David Goddin (@ChangeContinuum) […]

HR TweetUp Geneva (#HRtug)

by Etienne Besson on 27 June 2011

in HR TweetUp Geneva

I’m starting the HR TweetUp Geneva (#HRtug). Let me explain what it is and why I think it’s a great idea. What Is A TweetUp? A TweetUp is when people connect on Twitter and then decide to meet IRL (in real life). It can be anything from having a few drinks in a pub to […]